Lipstick24 - Austin, Texas


Let the girls be girls and Austin here you have it! Lipstick24 is one of the best girl bars in the city, or as they like to put it, "ladies focused". It's not uncommon to find yourself surrounded by shockingly attractive women at this location, and their bartenders aren't half bad either. They have created a space where you can hangout, dance, and meet girls all in different areas of the bar. Now that's creativity if I've ever seen it.

A game room, lipstick lounge, club area and outside deck, this place has something for everyone. They host some amazing theme nights; Halloween went down in history, and they haven't forgotten about football Sundays either. Tuesday night poker lets you Texas hold'em and Sunday evenings bring the Latin passion. When your Lezzie bar activity is feeling dull, Lipstick24 will be there to perk you up.

 Lipstick24 Austin Texas

Address and Phone

606 E 7th St.
Austin, Tx 78704
Phone: (512) 474-2950