Bout Time - Austin, Texas


Bout Time is a charming dive referred to in North Austin to be the "queer Cheers"; everybody knows your name, they're always glad you came, and don't forget stiff drinks and friendly bartenders. That wasn't exactly the song, but none the less Bout Time discriminates against no one. You come as you are, sip a cold beer, and trade stories with the regulars.

Although they are known for their diverse crowd and chill atmosphere Bout Time still knows how to spice it up. They have a sand volleyball court where they host weekly tournaments, a pool table of course, and a DJ who has a fancy for pop music. Many call this pub of sorts a pan sexual bar. When bout time proclaims to accept all as proper drinking buddies, they mean it.

Address and Phone

Bout Time
9601 IH-35 North
Austin, TX 78702
Phone: (512) 832-5339